måndag 12 januari 2015

Zakk Wylde On The Chances Of A Pantera Reunion

Every former band member seems to be up for it, except for Vinne Paul, who really does not want to take part in any plans for a possible reunion. There are really only few people who could fill in for Dimebag in case of a reunion gig or even tour. Fans would not accept anyone but Dime's good friend Zakk Wylde or maybe Kerry King from Slayer.
During an interview in a radio show Zakk Wylde, who has recently toured with Phil Anselmo's band –Down-, said that he loves playing with Anselmo, especially when they play Pantera songs. He continued by saying that he would be honoured to play tribute to such a great band and to Dimebag as well.
Fans have asked Zakk Wylde about the possibility of a tour, and he has always answered in a very positive and enthusiastic way, and that if he was asked to do it, he would be absolutely happy to do it.

Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown also seem very excited about the idea of playing together again, and so are the fans. Vinnie Paul, however does not seem to share the same feeling, and does not want to play with his former band members ever again. He recently claimed that there is no hatred between him and the members of his former band, he just simply has no interest in reliving the old glory days.

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